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"My sister is here, and my brother is there."

Translation:Моя сестра тут, а мій брат там.

May 8, 2016



So, I'm pretty sure that on a separate question I just did earlier I was wrong for not including the "and/but" version of the statement in for one of the multiple answer questions that specifically only asked for "and" but I can't use this version here?


I do not quite understand what you mean. Did you use "i" instead of "a"? It does not work here, because you have to express the contrast of the sister being here and the brother being there.


No, I had used "але." There is another question in this set, that asks for all the correct versions, and it is this same setup pretty much, but with sister/brother replaced. And the answer I gave originally is a required answer in said question, so why the disparity on it's acceptance?

This was kind of meant for like a site maintainer to see lol


Do you have to express the contrast when translating this sentence? In other words, would a native speaker never say "Моя сестра тут, і мій брат там"?

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