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"Anh ấy bảnh bao nhưng cộc cằn."

Translation:He is chic but rude.

May 8, 2016



'Spruce' is nonsensical here. As noun it is a kind of tree, similar to a pine tree, or part of a phrasal verb—'to spruce up'—meaning to renovate, or to improve the appearance or functionality of. As an adjective, as here, no idea.


Taking a quick look at some dictionary definitions, I think instead of "spruce", bảnh bao should be "smartly dressed" or "chic" or something of that nature.


Indeed. It is apparently correctly used here, but I have never heard it used as an adjective in my life.


I agree, it is an uncommon word and they should at least offer other options since few people will even recognize it.


'Spruce' as an adjective is sometimes used to mean 'tidied' or 'made more smart' - e.g. you could use it to describe a room that's been 'spruced up' i.e. 'made more presentable'. You could perhaps say to someone, "you're looking spruce today' in a jokey way; but you wouldn't use it to say 'my neighbour Ben is spruce' to someone who has never met Ben. So it's definitely incorrect in this use.

The connotation of 'spruce' is more a temporary and improved state of being 'smartened up', not a constant quality of neatness - if that makes sense?


I pine for a better translation.


Ha ha. They should spruce up the translations here


I hope the word 'spruce' becomes usable like this in my lifetime.


it seems that little use is made of comments made in these discussions?


Sad but true. The discussions help us recognise similar issues other uses had but the people who fix things need a direct comment not on this forum.


Now that I was afraid to use anything else, "spruce" was rejected!

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