"Cawn ni lasied o win gwyn a lemonêd"

Translation:We will have a glass of white wine and a lemonade

May 8, 2016


  • 1655

In English, if I wanted two separate drinks I would ask for "a glass of white wine and a lemonade", if I wanted one mixed drink I'd ask for "a glass of white wine and lemonade". Since there is no equivalent of "a" in Welsh how would you distinguish whether you wanted two separate drinks or a single drink with two ingredients?

May 8, 2016


Well you could ask:

  • Ga i wydraid o win gwyn a gwydraid o lemonêd?
  • Ga i wydraid o win gwyn gyda soda, ac un o lemonêd?
  • Ga i spritser gwin gwyn, a pheint o chwerw?
  • Ga i beint o chwerw, a gwydraid o win gwyn sych i fy ngwraig?

Any combination you like, really. And of course it helps if you pause a little between each part of the order - you don't have to rely on words alone.

May 8, 2016
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