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  5. "Tôi uống rượu."

"Tôi uống rượu."

Translation:I drink wine.

May 8, 2016



It might be noteworthy that "rượu" is used for pretty much all kinds of alcoholic beverages except for beer. If you want wine as in wine made from grapes it's "rượu vang".


This is a usual mistake Vietnamese do saying "wine" in English when they actually mean something quite different. The correct translation should be "I drink liquor", although it is not accepted.


ANYBODY GOT " the 'r' sounds like a 'z' " PROBLEM!!!!!


Problem is, when the latin alphabet was applied to the oral Vietnamese language centuries ago, (by French priests, if I'm not mistaken) they used the "r" because it sounded closer to the spoken sound they heard than any other consonant available to them. The hint of a "z" you hear is actually an accurate representation! You will also hear a "z" sound in one dialect for the Viet letter "d" (as in "da phai") for one dialect and a "y" sound in another dialect. Same words, different pronunciations, depending on where in Viet Nam one comes from. At least, this is what I was told 50 years ago when I studied the language.


Why not I am drinking wine -v- I drink wine?


Could be a generic statement meaning (s)he is a wine drinker or prefers wine vs beer. E.g. I drink beer. My daughter drinks unsweetened soy milk. Etc.

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