"My nosimy kapelusze."

Translation:We wear hats.

May 8, 2016



Why is it kapelusze rather than kapeluszy?

May 8, 2016


-e and -y are very common masculine plural endings, other are -i, -owie, -a

this website suggests we have 102 types of declension for masculine nouns. Most sources claim we have 5 patterns for consonant ending masculine nouns.

here you have all possible endings and links to patterns

most resources here work for declension too

May 8, 2016


well you didn't answer the actual question – is it kapelusze and not kapeluszy because it's inanimate (one)? image

May 8, 2016


I do not why, but for some reason, I thought the question was, why isn't the plural nominative=accusative form of kapelusz, ending with -y.

the reason why it is accusative =nominative here is, because it is not masculine personal plural noun. All masculine inanimate nouns are also not masculine personal, so you are right.

May 9, 2016

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Masculine (except personal) and feminine plural nouns take -e after sz, cz, c, j, ci, dż, ż, zi, rz, si, ńi in nominative and accusative cases.

kapelusz (a hat) - kapelusze (hats)
kupiec (a buyer) - kupcy (buyers)

December 6, 2018


Why is it mysz - myszy ?

August 3, 2019



November 21, 2018


Before we did that we used to sing Safety Dance and Pop Goes the World.

March 27, 2017


Why not we are wearing hats?

August 22, 2018


Am I really hearing /ne/ instead of My or is it just my ignorance?

May 22, 2016


I wrote 'we are wearing' and was marked wrong. Is it really wrong? Is there a difference between 'we wear' and 'we are wearing' in Polish? I get this wrong quite often ...

April 22, 2019


The following verbs distiguish habitual from progressive action: biegać/biec, jeździć/jechać, pływać/płynąć, nosić/nieść, wozić/wieźć, latać/lecieć.

  • Nosimy (habitual) - We carry / we wear

  • Niesiemy (progressive) - We are carrying (Exception; it does not mean: we are wearing)

We are wearing - Mamy na sobie or Jesteśmy ubrani/ubrane w

April 22, 2019


thank you... that makes it a bit clearer. My mistake is still thinking in English and not in Polish (not that I know enough to think in Polish yet, but from learning other languages I know it has to be like that)

April 22, 2019


we are wearing hats?

June 10, 2019
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