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where are the letter keys?

okay I've read through other discussion posts and yes, i get there are programs i can use to help me type in Vietnamese so that i don't learn words and tones incorrectly, but i don't want to.

My issue with this is that i don't want to memorize how to use another program on top of trying to learn another language. Why does every other language ( that I've attempted to learn or have tested out ) have on-screen keys for special letters but Vietnamese doesn't?

Honestly as much as i want to learn this language i don't want to learn how to use an entirely different program just so i can learn it properly, at this rate i might as well use other resources to learn the language while using pencil and paper.

May 8, 2016



I think most other languages on Duolingo have fewer unique characters, so they can easily add small keyboards.

In Vietnamese there are 12 vowels that can be modified by 5 diacritics, which means a minimum of 72 unique characters. Add in a few other unique symbols such as đ and that would make an awfully large keyboard. Not impossible to figure out a way to do it, but it would be a project in and of itself.

I can see it frustrates you, though bear in mind you would have to go through the same process for any language using a non-Latin alphabet. If it helps any, I have found this to be one of the best resources available for learning Vietnamese and I feel it is worth the trouble.

Whatever you decide, thanks for sharing your concerns. I hope Duo finds a way to simplify entering words with different alphabets.


This makes so much sense thank you for telling me!


If you are using Windows10, I just made a post about a keyboard (onscreen) that is already built in!


Hope this helps!!

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