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  5. "Нет, я не верю в Бога."

"Нет, я не верю в Бога."

Translation:No, I do not believe in God.

May 9, 2016



The people created the God.


Когда ты умерешь, мы увидим правду.)


You don't believe in all gods but one. I just did one more step


Oh, I didn't like this sentence but I know people who don't believe need to use it. So I will say on this page. Я верю в Бога!


По смыслу, согласен.


Почему нет примера "Я верю в Бога" ?


The Tips section wrote that бог is pronounced like "бох" as its an older pronunciation; but here the audio doesn't reflect that. What's the right way of saying it?


The "х" pronunciation is only used for the nominative singular. When used in a different case (like the accusative here), the г is pronounced as usual.


the Богаман


Your lack of faith is disturbing. Hahaha!


So, serious question: Is this the term for just a single presumed entity, or is this just a capitalized version of "a god" like is used in English? For instance, considering some of Cyrillic is taken from Greek, would a single entity in that pantheon be a бог? What would a goddess be?


I repeat a deleted comment.

Your speech is very hard understandable for me even in Russian. If I got you correctly - there is "Бог" as an comprehensive entity, it is spelled with a capital letter; and there is "бог" as one of set of similar ones, it is spelled with a lowercase letter. Of course, a goddess can be only a lowercase letter's god. In addition, if we use God's name in vain, e.g. "а бог его знает" in the meaning "I don't know", or if we use his little pet name "боженька" (even about a comprehensive entity) we should also spell the word with a lowercase letter.

Вашу речь мне очень трудно понять даже по-русски. Если я вас правильно понял - есть "Бог" как всеобъемлющая сущность, он пишется с заглавной буквы; есть "бог" как один из множества себе подобных, он пишется через строчную букву. Конечно, богиня - это бог-с-маленькой-буквы. Кроме того, если мы поминаем имя бога всуе, например, "а бог его знает" в значении "я не знаю", или мы употребляем уменьшительно-ласкательное имя бога "боженька" (даже если речь идёт о всеобъемлющей сущности), мы пишем слово с маленькой буквы.


Of course, a goddess can be only a lowercase letter's god.

I suppose you wanted to say that the word "goddess" in not capitalized. "Goddess" in Russian is боги́ня.


Sorry for my English. I meant exactly that.


"Нет, я не верю в Богу" I wrote this, and heard the pleasant bell. Only fleetingly, I happened to see that I had a "typo." EVERY mistake should be considered a mistake!


It's weird that it doesn't recognize Богу as an error, since it's another valid form. Unfortunately that's not something contributors can change.


Question: would верую be considered archaic or Slavonic? I'm a able to read quite easily old (church) Slavonic and wondered if that has a different meaning in modern Russian. Thanks.


Верую is an archaic form. It is nowadays only used in poetic / emotional speech.


Example: верую, что обретем мы жизнь вечную.


Counted wrong for using a conjunction???


You made me say that


Yeah, that's kind of the point of Duolingo.


Here's a suggestion that would solve any polemics regarding this phrase: put it in the 3rd person. Она не верит в Бога. There! This way nobody is forced to type a sentence that contradicts their faith.

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