"Ich spiele mit den Kindern."

Translation:I am playing with the children.

January 25, 2013

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What´s the difference between Kindern and Kinder?


Same word, same meaning, but "Kinder" (plural of Kind) gets an extra "n" added on in the dative case. Taken from wikipedia: "The dative plural of all nouns ends in -n if such an ending does not already exist, except that of nouns that form the plural with -s, which are usually loan words." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_nouns


Is it mean, that if it were Babys it should have been ""Ich spiele mit den Babys"?


Yes, "Babys" or "Babies" in dative. Either spelling is acceptable.

...does it mean.... ;-)

Edit: See wataya's post below


Just to clarify: the only correct German spelling today is "Babys". If you spell it "Babies" you're either using English spelling or one of the two pre-1996 spelling variants. That said, many people in Germany do use "Babies", but strictly speaking only "Babys" is correct.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing...


Thanks. I had double checked with canoo.net but had missed the obvious red shield with the exclamation mark.


WOW, that was fast! Thank you very much. Here you a lingo for very quick reply and for correcting my lame English... :)

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