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"Mergi spre el!"

Traducere:Walk towards him!

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Toward and towards are equally acceptable forms of the word primarily meaning in the direction of. Other than the s at the end, there is no difference between them. Some people differentiate the two words in various ways, but these preferences are not borne out in the usage of most English speakers. Neither form is more formal or informal or more or less logical than the other (the Oxford English Dictionary says towards is more colloquial in British English, but we see no evidence that this is true in 21st-century British writing), so you’re safe using the one that sounds better to you.

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Aici raspunsul e gresit pt ca propozitia se refera la pers. II singular, deci "s" de la sfarsitul verbului nu este corect.

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Verbul nu are "s" la final... Scrie "Walk" nu "walks"....

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