new design

I don't like the new design: it doesn't fit onto my screen, ie. either the top or bottom is out of sight

4 years ago


While the new design hasn't been pushed to my account yet, I do like the screenshots I've seen, aesthetically speaking.

Having said that, problems for those of us with smaller displays have happened before, when new features (such as the notification bell) were added. I wish the staff would be a little more proactive about making sure that everything fits okay on small(er) monitors, during the testing phase.

Though to their credit, last time there was a problem like this, they were very quick in fixing it once it was brought to their attention. Hopefully that will hold true this time, as well.

4 years ago
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You might be using page zoom in your browser. Pages do not scale as well in the new layout I was forced to reduce my default zoom level of 133% to 120%.

4 years ago
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