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"Nie potrzebuję przewodnika, potrzebuję mapy."

Translation:I do not need a guide, I need a map.

May 9, 2016



Why is the genitive case of mapa used after potrzebuję in this sentence?


Potrzebować takes genitive.


My answer, "I need no guide ..." didn't get accepted, even though it's a very common negative form in American English.


OK, added.


Dziękuję bardzo! :-)


This could be a guidebook, or only a person? The picture for "Przewodnik" is of a pile of books; however WSJP implies it's only a person ("Osoba").


it's both and wsjp has 8 possible meanings:

1 a person who shows you the way (at the moment)
2 a guide - a person whose job is to show tourists the sights
3.a leader- a person ur life, moral choices, work etc
4. a person responsible for police dog
5. leader- an animal that leads the group
6. a guide - a book about sights, places
7 a book that shows you how to act in some situation, informs you about some area of law/work etc
8. conductor- material that conducts electricity or heat.


Fair enough; I guess I didn't read far enough down. My point would be that neither "guidebook" nor "guide book" seem to be accepted.


Accepted now.

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