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  5. "Are they going to drink?"

"Are they going to drink?"

Translation:Vont-ils boire ?

January 25, 2013



I have repeated the lessons several times and this is the first time I'm coming across 'vont' (in the strengthening section). This seems to happen a lot in this lesson - i didn't run across faut at all either when doing the lessons (in particular, i didn't run across it while doing the lesson it was listed in, even after doing that lesson three times in a row), but then suddenly it was thrown into the timed practice. Seems like there needs to be an adjustment to an algorithm somewhere...


Why is "vont-elles boire?" wrong? Do you automatically use the masculine gender if the pronoun is not specified?


That must be a bug, because your alternative is correct.


Why is boivent not used when the subject is ils?


"ils/elles vont boire" has "vont" as the conjugated verb and "ils/elles" as the subject of "vont.

"aller" is one of these verbs which do not need a preposition to introduce an infinitive.

This is the list of such verbs: aimer/aimer mieux, aller, compter, croire, daigner, devoir, entendre, espérer, faire, falloir, (s')imaginer, laisser, oser, penser, pouvoir, prétendre, savoir, sembler, sentir, valoir mieux, venir, voir and vouloir.

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