"Cái tivi"

Translation:The television

May 9, 2016



Awww, "television" somehow sounds even cuter in vietnamese!


Didnt know it was actually a word lol


Tivi is not television it is TV TV is an acronym. It should be accepted as an acronym of Tivi also. Thêre would be another more formal word for Tele vision in vietnamese


actually no. VNmese would say [tə̀ːvə̀ː] for the acronym TV and that doesn't sound anything like [tivi].


Foreign loans with no underlying 漢字—brought to you by the Roman Quốc Ngữ script!


My mom told me that Vietnamese words only have one syllable. Loan word!


Definitely tivi is a loan word, but Vietnamese actually has MANY words of more than one syllable (though they are written with a space between each syllable). Easy examples are Ha Noi and Sai Gon but there are many used every day, where each syllable has no meaning by itself, and you need both syllables together to make the word. Clock/watch dong ho in this lesson is another one, I believe.

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