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A question regarding the best resources to learn a language prior to a course being available

I recently decided to ask my Dutch boyfriend (who's a member of Duo actually) to teach me some Dutch this year - I think he's been waiting the two whole years of us being together for me to ask! :P

I know the incubator team for the Dutch courses are probably working their asses off getting the BETA version of the Dutch > English fully gold on their trees, and then they'll still have a lot to work on regarding the reverse tree, which I'm definitely happy to patiently wait for.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good books that help learn the basics of Dutch so my boyfriend can help teach me...as I'm a learner who likes to have as much prepared before delving into learning languages, and I think having these resources at my disposal would definitely also help my boyfriend in teaching me - instead of feeling the pressure of having to think up of ways to teach me solely.

So any Dutchies or linguists know the best places / or recommended tools to look for resources like these? For example printable worksheets, books, cd-roms, software, dictionaries. Anything that is recommended will be highly appreciated! Me and my boyfriend have been looking at sites that sell books on these topics such as Amazon, WH Smiths etc (I'm in the UK, he's in Holland).

I thought of perhaps getting my boyfriend to ask a local primary school or even his Mum who volunteers at his local amateur football club if she knows anyone who can access resources or knows any places that would be helpful.

I just want to be as prepared as possible, and make sure I put the most effort I can in learning my other half's native language.

Thank you for reading and for the help in advance,

Jane :)

4 years ago


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For 0>A2, Babbel might be helpful. I tried it a few days ago, but I'm already A2/B1 (I'm studying in The Netherlands). I have the feeling that I will never be able to master the language hahaha I'd really appreciate if someone recommended us some useful resources :)

4 years ago


Oh thank you!

Me and my boyfriend found some useful books through a Google search. I noticed the book Dutch in 3 Months (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dutch-Months-Audio-Language-Course/dp/140539157X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8) was highly rated in the sites I found, as it comes with an Audio CD as well as a workbook to help you learn the structure of grammar and vocabulary.

As well as Basic Dutch: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Basic-Dutch-Grammar-Workbook-Workbooks-ebook/dp/B0028G9A6O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF) which hopefully should help towards this, and they also have more intermediate courses and books on Amazon through a quick search.

We also found an English to Dutch (with a Dutch to English) dictionary to help.

Sorry for the long links btw :)

4 years ago