"Ti yw'r tiwtor."

Translation:You are the tutor.

May 9, 2016

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Why not 'Wyt ti'n tiwtor?' I thought the verb always comes first?

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Wyt ti'n diwtor = 'are you a tutor?'; you can also express the statement 'rwyt ti'n diwtor' = 'you are a tutor'

For the expression above 'YOU're the tutor' we change the word order in Welsh to put the emphasis on the first word and also this is the only way of inserting the definite article into the sentence.


Not in sentences where emphasis is required, when the thing to be emphasised is moved to the front of the sentence:

  • Athro ydych chi?
  • Dewi yw e?
  • Mr Lingo ydy eu hathro Cymraeg?
  • Ceri sy'n fecanic, dim Dewi - garddwr ydy e
  • Dewi ydy'r dyn talaf yn y pentref


Ah, thanks. I was wondering why it was yw rather than rwyt. We are saying "the tutor is you" but putting "you" first for emphasis.


Thank you, very clear. In your example, "Mr Lingo ydy eu hathro Cymraeg ?", is "hathro" with an "h" a type of mutation because it follows a vowel or is it a typo ?


I'm not sure if it is also called a mutation, but after ei (meaning "her", not "his") and eu ("their") the letter "h" is added to the following words starting with a vowel, e.g. athro->hathro.


Would ti sy'n y tiwtor be wrong in this case?


I'm just trying to think when I would use this sentence. Someone turns up to the class but has no idea what they are supposed to be doing there. So I have to explain to them that they are the tutor?


I imagine it said with a tone of surprise...

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