"I am rich!"

Translation:Tôi giàu!

May 9, 2016



Why isn't "Tôi là giàu" correct?


Because Vietnamese language doesn't require the use of "be" when having a subject accompanied with adjective(s). You just say with this structure: Subject + Adjective, it's ok. You can read "Tips & Notes" after the lesson, it will explain more clearly. :)


Oh cool, it is like Spanish.

Describing the noun!

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    That should be correct. Your answer means same and it's written.


    I am glad these examples were used for this lesson, because it helped me understand the use of "là" better. :)



    You can think of Thì as the equivalent of the copula for adjectives. Eg. It is a cloud: nó là mây vs it is beautiful/cheap/old: nó thì đẹp/rẻ/cũ. Mây is a noun, a thing. Beautiful/cheap/old are all adjectives aka descriptions. If the object of the sentence is an adjective, use thì in the function of "is" (more or less).


    I received Toi thi giau (I apologize for not having the proper characters) as a correction when I answered Toi la giau. Can anybody tell me what is "thi"? (there is an acute accent on the i) Sorry my message is so poorly written.

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      Your answer means "Then im rich" (thì = then).


      I am rich! Possible translation: Tôi giàu! Tôi giàu có! Tôi giàu rồi! When you talk to your friends (If you don't want to use word "mày-tao (you-me)") Mình giàu rồi! Mình giàu có! Mình giàu có rồi! When you talk to your friends (in close way. Use "mày-tao" when you're talking to your partner who is younger or have same age with you) Tao giàu! Tao giàu rồi! Tao giàu có rồi! -From native Vietnamese


      I never heard of mày / tao before today...


      Using "mày" in Vietnamese speaking is considered a very rude way of saying "you", like using "kisama" in Japanese


      then get on the guillotine


      I wish duolingo would tell me it was wrong when I write Tôi giáu. I make so many mistakes in my personal writing with diacritics, hehe


      when you have diacritic errors, Duo lets you know by saying you have a typo.


      I write"Tôi giàu rồi", and it's wrong, why???


      note that there's a nuance between "tôi giàu" and "tôi giàu rồi". the first one just states that I am rich, while the latter indicates that I am newly rich. we would use the latter when we just won the jackpot or found a treasure box for instance.

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