May 9, 2016



Is the pronunciation right? I thought that "au" was pronounced "ah" at the end of a plural word.


It varies by dialect and by level of formality. -au is pronounced /-au/ in many settings, and it is the 'standard'. In informal speech it sometimes tends to shift to /-a/ in north-west and south-east Wales, and to /-e/ elsewhere.

The -au spelling at the end of words only became the usual written form about a century ago following publications on the grammar of Middle and Modern Welsh by John Morris Jones. Before that it could be -au or -eu depending on the word and possibly on the writer.

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This gives the standard pronunciation of 'eye' for 'au' at the end.


i'm starting to be worried about relying on the voice i'm hearing . . . is the -au supposed to be /ai/ as she's saying it, or something else?


The pronunciation of this word that I hear on my desktop and my phone sounds fine. The usual pronunciation of /au/ is also explained very well on the videos referred to in the notes to Greetings1 at the start of the course (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/13186004)

Remember that local pronunciations may change across the 5 main dialect areas in Wales, but the 'standard' pronunciation can always be understood.


i hadn't realised there was a web duolingo; i was working off my iPod until now. thanks.


Elsewhere on the site orenau was accepted without question. Is that also acceptable?


Some dictionaries show orennau, some orenau. Some prefer oraens (oraensys) for the fruit anyway, with oren for the colour.

With this particular word it doesn't really matter very much, to be honest.

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