"Masz inną lampę?"

Translation:Do you have a different lamp?

May 9, 2016

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"Have you a different lamp? - should be accepted, as it's ok in English.


Accepted now.

Also, the audio is going to be blocked, at least from listening exercises.


This is absolutely impossible to understand as a listening exercise.


nope, jestem polką i wiem jak trzeba mówić, mieszkam w polsce i nie zrozumiałam....... to słychać jak 'lantę' ...


How would you say "I have another lamp"?


Well. For start we can say: „Mam inną lampę” - in most cases it is sufficient. If not we can go with: „Mam jeszcze inną lampę”.


Thank you for your comment. Thought I am still a little lost. The initial sentence was "Do you have a different lamp?" and the offered translation is „Masz inną lampę?” I am Russian speaking and instinctively would translate it as "I have another lamp". Are the words "different" and "another" both translated "inny" to Polish? They are not synonyms in my view.


Well, to me „inny” does the job for those two cases. We translate inny into English as „other, another, different”. You can try to show me the big difference between them but in general:

different Lamp - „inna lampę”, or maybe „innego rodzaju lampę”, „lampę różną od tej”.

another Lamp - „inną lampę” or „jeszcze jedną” (its rather: one more)

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