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  5. "He's the new Archdruid."

"He's the new Archdruid."

Translation:Fe yw'r Archdderwydd newydd.

May 9, 2016



Would 'mae o'n archdderwydd newydd' be correct too? Aslo, what is the difference between yw'r and ydy'r? Diolch


In giving people's occupations, we use an emphatic construction, with the 'occupation' being put at the front of the sentence. This can be extended to emphasise other aspects:

  • Ffermwr yw e
  • Athrawes yw hi

  • Dewi ydy'r milfeddyg lleol

  • Hi oedd yr athrawes orau yn yr ysgol
  • Ceri oedd y meddyg gorau

There is no difference between ydy, yw. They both come from the formal form ydyw, one by dropping the last letter, the other by dropping the first two. You may find one grammar book saying that yw is a bit posher/more formal than ydy, but the next book/teacher/friend/bloke in a pub may have it the other way round. Sometimes it varies by area. Pick one and stick with it until you bump into someone who uses the other!

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In addition to the point about emphasis this word order is the only way to use the definite article.

Mae o'n archdderwydd newydd = he is a new archdruid

Fe/Fo yw'r archdderydd newydd = he is the new archdruid

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