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"Na deiseanna"

Translation:The opportunities

May 9, 2016



Maybe it's just me, but it really sounds like the first word on the recording is 'mo', not 'na'.


I don't hear it, but it would be mo dheiseanna, which would help differentiate the two.


Yes, the na in this exercise struck me in the same way.


Well, I have been trying to look up all the words and their pronunciations before I start each section and for "deis" I had "right-handed" and was totally confused when "Na deiseanna" came up . I do see "opportunities" now in that definition that I had. Luckily I have stopped trying to memorize the definitions now until I see what definition duo is using :)


The FGB offers "right, right-hand side" as the first definitions of deis, which is correct - for example, Irish people (even those who "don't speak Irish") will say Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam when speaking of someone who has died ("may his soul be at the right-hand of God"), and when giving directions, you'll use ar dheis and ar chlé (there are other variations of these phrases too).

But just as "right" can also mean something completely different in English ("legal rights"), deis has more than one meaning in Irish, and Duolingo uses both of them in different exercises. In this case, where the word is plural, "opportunities" obviously makes more sense.

As for "right-handed", another word that even "people in Ireland who don't speak Irish" know is ciotóg, for a left-handed person.

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