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"De snakker ikke spansk i Brasil!"

Translation:They do not speak Spanish in Brazil!

May 10, 2016



Men vi kan snakke "portuspansk" her!
I think spanish is just a little less similar to portuguese than Swedish to Norwegian...


Exactly. But I am a catalan/spanish native speaker and I can inderstand portuguese easily


Both written and spoken, Catalan and Portuguese are quite similar. Even though they are as distant as can be on the Iberian peninsula...


Obrigado, Duo.


nice treat for all of us brazilians who got this far into the course, Obrigado duo, or should i say ahem Gracias!


Lost count of how many times I had to say that to people here in Canada, some of whom replied with "u sure??" :D


Vi snakker ett av språkene vakrere i verden, Portugisisk!


Thanks Duo, people need to know that. Finding someone who speaks Spanish in Brazil doesn't necessarily imply that it's one of our official language or that a whole nation speaks it. Haha. Let's say that Spanish is for Portuguese as Danish is for Norwegian


So, does this sentence translate to "The people of Brazil do not speak Spanish" or is it literally "THEY (a group of people the speaker and listener know of) do not speak Spanish in Brazil."? I ask because I had the understanding that to convey the former idea på Norsk, one should phrase it as "Man snakker ikke spansk i Brasil"...


Takk for svaret. Jeg vet at "de" betyr "they" men vi bruker ordet forskjellig på engelsk. På engelsk, "they" kan også bety "man" (ordet "you" kan ha liknende betydning - det er upersonlig). For eksempel: "Hva skal man gjøre?" (="What can you do?"/"What is to be done?"), "Man burde ikke si det." (="You should not say that."/"One should not say that."), "I Forente Stater, man feirer 4. juli." (="In the United States, they/we celebrate the 4th of July."/"In the United States, the 4th of July is celebrated."). Så, spørsmålet mitt er: Hva betyr nøyaktig "De snakker ikke spansk i Brasil"? Betyr det "denne gruppen av mennesker snakker ikke spansk når de er i Brasil" eller burde setningen være "Man snakker ikke spansk i Brasil"?


They do, it's just not the national language.

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