"My mind rests when I read books."

Translation:Mój umysł odpoczywa, gdy czytam książki.

May 10, 2016

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Mind=/= rozum? Nie zaliczyło mi...


Angielskie wiktionary twierdzi, że mind to umysł, a rozum to reason. Coś w tym najwyraźniej jest...


sigh... why is "mój zmysły odpoczywa kiedy czytam książki" wrong?


Moje zmysły odpoczywają (plural) would be grammatical. But that means "my senses rest"...


Thank you Alik. But why then was "zmysły" the very top choice suggested for the word in the popup? I finished the lesson by I don't think umysł was even on the list. Why does duolingo offer misleading hints??


The misleading hint has just been removed by our team.

The problem is that we don't have individual hints for every sentence, only for the whole course, and furthermore, there are shared hints with the Pl->En course, which featured one rare context where "my mind" = "zmysły". Stuff like that happens sometimes, sorry about that.


What is the difference between umysł and mózg?


Well, as far as I can tell, your "mózg" is the wet grey computer in your head, and your "umysł" is the software running in it. If that helps :-) .

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