"Czternaście, piętnaście, szesnaście"

Translation:Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

May 10, 2016

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Piętnaście sounded like jednascie on my phone, even on slow mo. Very annoying!


Sounds perfectly fine to me...


So the ę piętnaście is pronounced unaccented, like a regular e? Is there a rule to this, as the ę sounding e seems to be a common exception.


ę sounding like "e" is for the end of word. ( it is either a rule or something very common depending on the book you are reading)

ę before "t" often can sound like "en" but here it would be "ntn".


There is no doubt the sound is wrong! I clearly hear 'jednaście trzysnaście' ?????????????????????


Everything is fine on my side... and in the Incubator (the database).


I can understand that it may sound different, however it most certainly does not sound like 11 and 13, because those are: jedenaście (with an e between d and n) and trzynaście (without s). Thus even if it sounds misleading, it's not any existing numbers.


i should record this sound as a file and send it to you, however I do not know how to but there must be a way. You surely must have a different sound source, what I hear is very clear, i am not the only one to comment about this.


I have to enter the 'Correct answer' in order to proceed, however i do not hear this!


I think there is a problem with this. It definitely didn't say piętnascie!!


Yeah, I'm definitely hearing 'jednaście' on both normal and slow speeds.


I cannot hear the normal male audio... other than that, IMHO the audio says "pietnaście" - although this "ę" is in the middle of the word, in this particular word it's rather unlikely to be pronounced clearly, people will rather say it with a normal 'e'.


I have to agree with stevenprob. On slow, it is not clear and the ę is not pronounced en. Fast, it sounds like jednaście


OK, after a few more listens I guess I can imagine it can kinda sound like "jednaście". I will disable the audio exercises, so you won't get the 'type what you hear' exercises anymore.


However, the ę pronounced en, is not an audio bug, it's spoken language: it is often pronounced that way if after the Ę comes directly a T. You would only pronounce it with a clear Ę if you try to speak extremely clearly, like through a megaphone, or very correctly, like when citing a poem.


Actually, when it comes to pronunciation, numbers are a bit of an exception. The /ę/ in piętnaście is not only denasalised, but even pronounced without an additional /n/ sound. Some natives may pronounce it, but that's hypercorrect.

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