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  5. "Il devient sale."

"Il devient sale."

Translation:He gets dirty.

January 25, 2013



I find very difficult to distinguish this "sale" pronunciation from "seul". Any tip? (In google translate they sound very different)


I had the same issue but I figured that ''seul'' leans more to sol.. whilst ''sale'' is a straightforward sAl sound


I would suggest context might help, but if you don't know the language, context might not be overly useful. (i.e. There could be expressions or common phrases that don't make sense in English but are fine in French).


thanks for your reply. I think that more practice will help me.


So do I. :) Practice and more practice and time and some more practice actually do make these things easier. www.forvo.com is a good place to practice one's oral comprehension since there each word or short phrase is recorded by several natives with different accents and voices.


Context is hard as well e.g. Il est seul and il est sale (that was probably wrong french)

I guess it's something we'll have to live with for Duo.


Unfortunately this is just the reality of learning a new vowel system. When I first started learning French, I couldn't hear the difference between "tu" and "tout". Now I do, but it just takes lots of practice.


When I started learning, it wasn't the hearing I had trouble with as much as teaching my mouth to make the appropriate sounds. How do you explain to an Anglo how to say "oeuil"?


Haha yeah, seriously. That one gives me major trouble.


The end of the (the minus th) plus the end of lay (lay minus la)? It is not perfect but perhaps doable? (English is not my native tongue so that was never a problem for me to learn ...)


I find very difficult to distinguish sal and sale. :(


As a bilingual speaker using this tool for some 'refreshing', this sounds completely like "seule" to my ear. The vowel is not nearly open enough for "sale".


The eu of seule is closer to the end sound of the.


Ha I thought it was "it needs salt"!


It would be: "Ça a besoin de sel". "Sale" and "sel" are not pronounced the same way!


In this task, I was given the word 'get' to make the sentence 'He gets dirty', but when pressing the word devient I am given 'become' as a translation and I nothing more. I think using 'become' would be better English in this case ('He becomes dirty'), and should be used/accepted.


I agree. Devenir=to become


Are get and become interchangeable for devient? Anybody?


Same criticism as earlier: there's no way to tell from simply hearing the sentence whether it should be "ils deviennent sales" or "il devient sale." The program should be amdended to accept both.


'deviennent' and 'devient' are pronounced completely different. 'devient' has no consonant at the end, it ends with the nasal "i" vowel. 'deviennent' has no nasal vowel, and has a final consonant sound; it ends with a syllable that roughly rhymes with 'pen'.


Could it be translated as: "it gets dirty"?


The pronunciation in duolingo sound to me more like seul. He returns alone. The pronunciation of sale has an "a" more open.


The present audio sounds fine to me.


Why is «Ils deviennent sales» incorrect?


Ok so what would "devient" be if it was "ils"

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