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"Ten mężczyzna jest przewodnikiem."

Translation:This man is a guide.

May 10, 2016



Could this be translated as 'This man is a tour guide'.? It was not accepted. Is there a specific word for tour guide?

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Yes, should be. Report it.

Mind that 'przewodnik' may also mean 'conductor', 'guidebook' or 'leader (of a flock of birds)', but none of the mentioned can be used here ;)


Dziękuję, gabe81. I wondered from the context, whether the term tour guide would be more appropriate and, in light of your explanation, would not be confused with the other possibilities.

I'll report it and find out what the response will be.


Hi, I agree with the comments from a year ago that 'tour guide' should be added (and probably 'tourist guide' as well). Thanks


Added both now.

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