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"Could we all sleep here tonight?"

Translation:Könnten wir heute Abend alle hier schlafen?

January 25, 2013



Is it also possible to say "heute Nacht" in stead of "heute Abend"?


could someone explain to me why alle comes before hier?


Why is "hier heute Abend" wrong?


In German, we have a rule about "time then manner then place". Basically, the time comes first, the manner (or how you do something) comes second, and the place comes last.


I put "Konnen wir alle heir heute Abend schlafen" and it was marked right, but its not the right order.


"Time-manner-place" isn't really an absolutely strict rule; different orders can also sound fine, or even better, in some sentences.


Can we say that könnten wir alle heute abend hier schlafen.As far as I understand, wir and alle is both subject


Yes, that would also be correct.


Although some flexibility in word ordering is possible to allow for certain elements to be stressed, there is a certain ordering that is most natural-sounding to native speakers. As learners, we would like eventually to pick up on such nuances. The German sentence structure article on Wikipedia gives us some guidance in this regard. Here is a quick summary:

After subject-verb or Wichtigstes-verb-subject, we have: Wem (dative object) | Wann | Warum | Wie | Wo | Wen (accusative object) | Wohin/Woher | Verb nochmal. (If either or both the accusative and dative objects are expressed using pronouns, they go to the top of this ordering.)

So, we see in our exercise: heute Abend (Wann) | alle (Wie) | hier (Wo)


Does alle answer the question Wie schlafen wir heute Abend hier?


It does not. I'm not sure why LelandSun listed "alle" as "wie"; it doesn't quite work like that.


I don"t believe it is wrong at all! It does not alter the meaning of the sentence -"hier heute Abend" or "heute Abend hier" - same meaning


It might not change the meaning, but languages generally have their own word order. When you change the word order, things may sound strange to the native speaker. I think that's the case here.


are you a native speaker? otherwise you really cannot talk on the topic of what "sounds" right to native speakers. By your other comment it doesn't seem like you are


It is a question of emphasis - do you want to stress "hier" or "heute abend"? So whichever way you say it, it does make sense and does not sound strange to German ears.


I put heute Nacht and it wasnt counted. No fair!


"Könnten wir alle hier schlafen heute nacht" was acceptef.


That seems unlikely. That translation is wrong, as "schlafen" belongs at the end.


What is the difference between können wir and könnten wir? is there any at all?


The same difference between can we and could we.


Apparently DuoLingo doesn't think there is any, seeing how the tooltip hint for "could" is "können"... A little misleading if you ask me.


Sometimes, I don't understand German sentence structure


Well except for "Nacht" instead of "Abend", I translated this correctly and lost my heart!!


Könnten wir heute Abend hier alle schlafen? Wrong order of the words? Really??

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