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  5. "Dw i wedi yfed coffi heno."

"Dw i wedi yfed coffi heno."

Translation:I've drunk a coffee tonight.

May 10, 2016



Is it me or does this sentence not sound right in english?

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It's hard to think of a situation where you would want to say this sentence but I think it's OK grammatically. If you add "too much" I think it sounds more natural, ie "Why aren't you tired?" "Because I've drunk too much coffee tonight".


My problem with the sentence is the article. People don't say, "I've drunk a coffee." They say, "I've drunk coffee" or "I've drunk a cup of coffee."


Is there a reason why just 'coffee' isn't accepted here, only 'a coffee'?


I typed 'dronk' instead of 'drunk' and it tells me 'you used the wrong word'. There is no such word as 'dronk' in English so i think it should say 'you have a typo in your answer'. That is usually what happens.


drunk drank whats the difference? put Drank but incorrect!


In English, the past participle of the verb 'drink' is 'drunk', not 'drank'. 'Drank' is the simple past tense:

  • I have drunk
  • I drank

The two tenses there are different in English, as they are in Welsh.


Understand a posh way of saying same thing.


I said "I have drank coffee today" and it didn't accept it. I don't know if it's just focused on Welsh English or something, but I assume it's dialectal since I'm American.


The standards seem to be 'I have drunk' and 'I drank' in the main varieties of English. A quick search of the web for 'I have drunk' or 'I have drank' or 'drunk vs drank', etc finds several explanations.

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