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  5. "Naddo, es i ddim i'r dafarn."

"Naddo, es i ddim i'r dafarn."

Translation:No, I didn't go to the pub.

May 10, 2016



An essential phrase for any welshman


Where's the mynd??


mynd is one of the five major irregular verb-nouns in Welsh (bod, mynd, dod, gwneud, cael) where their conjugated verb forms can look very different from the original verb-nouns. Some of their verb endings also differ from those used with other verbs.

If you write out some tables from the course notes of how they conjugate, you will see that dod, gwneud, cael, mynd have a lot of similarities, although some differences, too. bod is really out on its own.

(Edited to group dod, mynd, cael, gwneud together.)


Is mynd that different? I always assumed you could get to dod/gwneud/cael by adding d/gwn/c to the front of the conjugated form of mynd (ewch/dewch, es/ces, for example come to mind). Might have to check I'm actually using the right words for things if that's not generally the case.


Thanks - you are right. They all have some deviations from a shared pattern, but mynd is not really any worse than the others in that respect. I have edited my post.


Es i = I went. "Mynd" has become "Es" here, like "go" becomes "went"



Mynd is an irregular verb in Welsh, and it's form changes depending on the tense and the subject. In this case, it's past tense. It's like in English, we say "I went to the shops", not "I go to the shops", if we're talking in the past (we also conjugate different based on the subject too - "I walk" but "He walks").

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There is a concise explanation in the notes for this unit.


I didn't even ask! Suspicious...


Ah, there was an incident with out-of-control Welsh drunks. He was probably hastily covering up!!! Call naw naw naw!


what every welsh husband says to every welsh wife


Can one say tavern instead of pub?

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As already mentioned, in the UK the word used is 'pub'. However since 'tavern' is used in some other countries, along with 'inn'. This course accepts all three as a translation of 'tafarn'. If you come across one that doesn't please report it and we'll fix the sentence.


It is ‘pub’ in Britain. ‘Tavern’ is a very old-fashioned word.

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