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Sentence discussion won't open

Hi Guys. I've noticed that sometimes the sentence discussion tab will not open. This occurs on my iPhone, iPad and laptop. Sometimes it's really frustrating when I think there might be a useful comment or hint that I am missing out on when I have made a mistake.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas about a solution?


May 10, 2016



Hi Julie141120,

it's unfortunately a known bug (but the exact reason isn't known) which is around for long. See here a 2 months old discussion with details in the comments. But also:

I suggest you fill a "Bug Report" form (with as much details as you can, cf. text in this form), those forms being read by staff. While they will not answer to it (well, up to some exceptions probably ;) ), because they can't answer to each one, they nevertheless use them (among other criterias) to prioritize their list of bugs to be fixed according to the number of Bug Report forms received for each bug.
So the more we will be to report it, the sooner it'll be fixed.

There is, unfortunately, no solution on our side (=users side).


Dziękuję. I will report it as a problem.


I just started to have this problem happening a lot! Sometimes a few times each lesson, I can't open the discussions. In any particular lesson, I've noticed that if I get an answer wrong and the discussion won't open, the next time in the same lesson when I get the question for the 2nd time it can/will/might open.

Has anyone heard why this is happening or how long it takes the techs to fix it; or if it has ever gotten fixed for anybody? I am not using Chrome.



I also had this issue on Firefox last year.

In the last weeks it got worse that I could not open almost every sentence discussion.


I have the same problem. I am French and I’m learning Italian. I noticed that this occurs with a specific sentence, always the same one. When this sentence appears in a lesson, the sentence discussion tab does not open any more until the end of the lesson. I did report it.


For this issue, using Google Chrome I managed to fix it by specifically authorizing Duolingo's pop-ups. In Chrome, access "More" (the 3 vertical dots near the top right), click "Settings". Scroll all the way to the bottom in the settings window and click "Show Advanced Settings". Under "Privacy" click "Content Settings", under "Pop-Ups" select your preference "Allow all sites..."(not recommended) or "Do not allow any site...". After a selection is made, click on "Manage exceptions". A new window appears, write or paste Duolingo's web address (https://www.duolingo.com) and select "Allow" next to it. This should enable you to open the Discussion board for any lesson.


Hi Desire831299,

how does your trick work on the iPhone app (as asked about by the OP, cf. "This occurs on my iPhone")?


Thank you so much! I wasn't aware that Chrome was causing this. I found out about the glitch when I installed the app on my phone and I could easily access the discussion section there but not on my PC. Feel like I missed on a lot of great tips but, nonetheless I have plenty of time now to catch up on them. :-)


I notice mine never opens.



There is a new issue on the web portal on multiple browsers (Pc, Android) with the visible button but when you click on it, it auto-closes the tab shortly after failing to load the thread_id.

Actually this is a cookie issue where Duolingo did not inform its userbase that something fundamental was changed on the web this and last year and user action needs to be taken.

"Solved: "Discuss" icon not working in Chrome": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/49470058

It is the solution full or partly at least.

See my posted comment and bug report response code.

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