"She is me."

Translation:Cô ấy là tôi.

May 10, 2016



How come it isnt cô là tôi?


'cause if that's the case, someone will mean "bạn là tôi"


"She is me" is not anything I would ever say in English?!?! Why are we learning this? Is this a common phrase in Vietnamese? It makes no sense in English.


It's actually not so hard to think up situations where you might say this, e.g. when pointing at an old photograph. But I agree that there would always be more intuitive alternatives, such as 'that's me'.


Đúng vậy ! Rất ít tình huống sử dụng câu này trong tiếng Việt. Bạn Gaston nêu câu ví dụ là đúng trong ngữ cảnh !


Can duolingo make two sperate vietnamese. Suthern and northern, would be so helpfull


Tiếng việt học tiếng việt. Híhí


Me too :3 Người Dziệt chính gốc


Is it possible to say, "Tôi là cô ấy" instead? Does it effectively mean the same thing, or is this grammatically incorrect. Or does it just mean I am her. I'm confused lol


Yes! That is correct and can be used. Also, "I am her" means the same thing as "she is me," so there's really no difference lol. "Tôi là cô ấy" sounds more natural to me as well, so you're all good


Stopit its true you think its wrong but its not you might need to understand a bit differently and maybe you think its not wrong anymore ALL OF YOU

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