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Can't see options for "I want to learn..."

In the language settings, the box to choose a new language to learn has no text unless I hover over it. The text and the box are both white when not hovering.

I'm using Chrome Version 32.0.1700.76 m

Edit: If I move my cursor completely away from the menu all options are shown. The text only disappears when hovering over the button to open up the menu or on the actual menu.

January 21, 2014



Hi there, thanks for the report! We are working on a fix.


I'm having a similar but different problem in Firefox 26.0: Everything looks fine when the drop-down menu is collapsed, but when it's expanded and the cursor is outside of it, all but the last-hovered-over language pair option disappear.


Similar issue on Opera 12.16; Debian 7.3.

Initial option of dropdown is shown; upon clicking to expand, entries can only be seen on mouseover.

Not a huge deal, but I thought I should weigh in.


sorry for trouble and I hope this have fix!! hey your name remembered me for ugly duckling!! the movie actually!! :)

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