I did it!

I finally finish my Spanish Tree! I sign up for Duo in 2012 and I started my Spanish Tree then I stopped. Two years later I decided to come back to Duo and give the tree another shot that lasted a month. Then in December of 2012 I really wanted to get this tree done and since then I have worked very hard to do just that. There were moments that I was yelling at the computer because it was just pushing me to my limits. But I continue to push through because I knew I could do it and today is that day. I want to thank everyone who helped me in this journey. I guess half way doing my Spanish Tree I started my English Tree and I haven't finished that one yet but it's only time.

I have enjoyed everyone on this site and I am glad I finish my first Duo Tree. I can write a little in Spanish writen Spanish I can kind of understand. Spoken Spanish forget it. I enjoy the journey I don't know what's next for me but I know I will stick around to finsih the other tress I have started.

So once again thanks Duo and language learners this one is for you.

May 11, 2016


Good for you for coming back to it and getting it done. Congratulations!!

¬°FELICITACIONES Rozzie! un paso a la vez te ha llevado muy lejos, lo importante es no detenerse y siempre continuar sin perder la meta, eres un vivo ejemplo de eso!

Congratulations Rozzie, I'm really proud of you!! It's especially impressive that you came back and tried again after you gave up the first time, and this time you did it. :D

I remember when I first finished my Italian tree a lot of stuff didn't really make much sense, and I struggled to understand or say very much. But I promise that the more you practice the easier it gets, you just need to stick with it. And you've certainly proved you've got sticking power.

Well done again!

Now, do it again! You'll only improve. Tomorrow I complete my second journey through and I'll start my third journey on the day after. Enjoy the journey!

¬°Bien Hecho!

Well done. You're a great example of the benefits of being persistent. Here's a lingot.

Muy bien, no te rindas !

Congratulations! And well done for persevering:)

Determination brings rewards! Congrats! Have some lingots :)

Nice job! Hope you get better with your English!

Fantastico! I salute your dedication and perseverance, Rozzie.

Congratulations! I'm proud of you! Have a lingot!

Good job Rozzie!!!! I too have just completed my first tree and it was in Spanish. I guess now it is time to pick another language to study. Good luck and keep practicing.

good for you. we're all very happy

felicitaciones :^)

Congratulations!!! You're doing a great job!

Congratulations Rozzie!

Good Job!! I have a friend named Isabella Maria Mosera Galan,she's fluent in both english and spanish,on the other hand my spanish is choppy. Maybe you could help?!

That would be a wonderful offer but I'm nowhere near where I want to be in Spanish. Sorry

Well thanks anyway,and good luck on your tree and your spanish.

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