"He does not want to say because it is very complicated."

Translation:Anh ấy không muốn nói vì nó rất phức tạp.

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I asked a natural speaker, who said it is not wrong to insert "là"

9 months ago


i have heard native speakers use it eg nò rất là đẹp

8 months ago


Why is it wrong to use "là" in this sentence?

Anh ấy không muốn nói vì nó là rất phức tạp.

2 years ago

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Hi there, because Vietnamese language doesn't require the use of "be" when having a subject accompanied with adjective(s). You just say with this structure: Subject + Adjective, it's ok.

For the sentence has "very", you just add "rất" between Subject and Adjective in Vietnamese sentence.

Ex: He is very rich. /Anh ấy rất giàu.

You can read "Tips & Notes" after the lesson Adject.1, it will explain more clearly. :)

2 years ago
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