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  5. "Ein Meter?"

"Ein Meter?"

Translation:One meter?

January 21, 2014



As in unit of distance? What is the word for a measuring device, such as a parking meter?


The Americans spell it "Meter" but the preferred way of spelling it everywhere else (English wise) is "Metre". Usually Meter everywhere else (Outside the States) would indicate an actual machine or gadget designed to measure time, distance, speed, intensity or to regulate current. But since this site is based out of the states that's why the main spelling is "meter". If you do put Metre though it does accept it since it is a proper way of spelling it


It's not preferred.... It is the agreed spelling from the SI.....Systeme International


Yes, as in a unit of distance.

A parking meter is a "Parkuhr" (literally: parking clock). Depending on the context, there are a couple of other translations for the measuring device such as "Zähler" (literally: counter; measurer).



The solution has a question mark but there is absolutely no hint of a question in how she says it.


I know, right? It threw me off when I read the correct solution; I listened to it again and, nope, still couldn't hear it. xD/Dx


Lots of types of 'meters' does this only pertain to the metric or does it include some instruments of measurement?


this specific word is only for the unit of measurement


I encountered this in the genitive section. Is there any relationship?


So it is not "Einz Meter?"


It is never "Einz Meter" since there is no such word as "einz".

You are perhaps thinking "eins Meter", but one uses "eins" when counting, but not when describing how many there are of something. Then one uses "ein", with no "s:. This means there is the potential for confusion between ein meaning "one" verses meaning "a/an" (the indefinite article for masculine and neuter nouns). See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ein#Usage_notes_4 for how that confusion can be addressed.


What indicates the question mark? Thanks


So, how is this Genitive?

I thought that Genitive referred to possession.

Thanks for responding.


The pronunciation is more like English than German i. e.as if "mieter" rather than "meter"


one meter of what ????????????


Of anything. This demonstrates that you can ask a question this way provided both parties know what the topic is.

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