"Who is your professor?"

Μετάφραση:Ποιος είναι ο καθηγητής σου;

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Γιατί είναι "Ποιος είναι ο δάσκαλος σου" λάθος;

I speak english and I am learning greek...

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"Δάσκαλος" and its female form "δασκάλα" mean "teacher". They are usually used to describe a person teaching at a primary school. However, you can always combine them with a subject at genitive case and have for example "ο δάσκαλος του χορού" (= the dance teacher) or "η δασκάλα των αγγλικών" (= the English teacher).

"Καθηγητής" and its female form "καθηγήτρια" mean "teacher" or "professor", but they are used to describe someone teaching at a high school or at a university. You can also combine them with a subject at genitive case. For example "ο καθηγητής αγγλικών" (= the English teacher) or "η καθηγήτρια γαλλικών" (= the French teacher).

Also, keep in mind that there are special words to describe a teacher according to the subject that he/she teaches, but they are mostly used when speaking about high school. Here are some:

  • ο/η φιλόλογος = the literature/Greek/history teacher
  • ο/η μαθηματικός = the maths teacher
  • ο/η θεολόγος = the religious education teacher
  • ο γυμναστής/ η γυμνάστρια = the PE teacher
  • ο/η φυσικός = the physics teacher
  • ο/η χημικός = the chemistry teacher

I hope that this helps. :-)

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