"He is me."

Translation:Anh ấy là tôi.

May 11, 2016



Is "ấy" necessary in this translation?

May 15, 2016


What is the difference between

đó vs. ấy ?


I love questions like this, and they are the hardest to answer. They really test my Vietnamese knowledge.

Both đó and ấy mean "that" or "there." They are interchangeable, but I believe đó is used to refer to someone who is not in viewed. There is a little notion of the unknown, somewhat distant, less certain, and less specific than ấy. So "Anh đó là tôi" should work here since obviously "he" is not there.


Was not one of the choices Anh ay ta toi. Was that a mistake. If I remember correctly it did NOT give the choice "LA". Did anyone else notice this?


Ong ta la toi. Ong ta ? Never saw THIS B4 ?

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