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  5. "The bees bite the girl."

"The bees bite the girl."

Translation:Các con ong cắn cô gái.

May 11, 2016



The bees dont bite, they sting. So in Vietnamese the same thing, đốt or chích


những con ong đốt cô gái.


What's the difference between cac and nhung?


Các and những are almost interchangeable.

"Although both các and những denote plurality, there is a slight difference in term of their semantics feature. While các emphasizes “all of a given set of entities”, những implies that “only certain of the total possible number are referred to” . Moreover, “các’ can only occur in contexts that require definite noun phrases while “những” can only occur in contexts that require indefinite ones."

Source: Plurality of Nouns in English and Vietnamese: A Contrastive Analysis by Tran Thi Thuy Hang


I'm confused by this explanation:

"'các’ can only occur in contexts that require definite noun phrases while “những” can only occur in contexts that require indefinite ones"

You are saying that các CAN ONLY occur in situation X and những CAN ONLY occur in situation Y which is the exact opposite of X.

This sounds a long way from 'almost interchangeable'.


He gave the technical difference of the two but in spoken Vietnamese people don't really differentiate. Usually everyone just uses những and I pretty much just hear Các when they are pluralizing titles like Anh and Chị and so forth.


Simplest explanation: Nhung is the same as sticking an S on the end of a word.

Cac = All


Why is it wrong to say "các con ong"?


It is not wrong to say that if you just want to say "the bees" or "bees", but this is an entire sentence and you need to include "...cắn cô gái" or "...bites the girl."


Should is: "Những con ong đốt cô gái" or "Các con ong đốt cô gái"


I'm a Vietnamese, and I think both các and những mean the same thing, but in this sentence we say những, it sounds more natural.

P/S: I'm not a native English, so sorry for any mistakes.


What do you mean saying "more natural"? Do yuu mean that it more real in nature then logically right?


They are saying Vietnamese people would normally just use những in this case so it sounds more natural. It's more true to what a native would say

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