Douwe Bob has made it into the final of Eurovision!

The finger crossing was worth it, guys. The Netherlands are in the final!

I know this is a little late but I kept it so as not to spoil it.

I'm still a little upset about my country, Greece, not qualifying, as well as Iceland and (WTH?) Estonia not making it either. But I was overjoyed when I heard Petra scream 'THE NETHERLANDS!!'.

Gotta give Douwe kudos, even if there was an awkward silence in his performance. I'm still sad, but hey, at least I've got SOMEONE to support.

2 years ago

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Fingers crossed for Douwe on Saturday too, I love his/that kind of sound.

I felt somehow sorry for that Estonian guy, his suit looked like it was from his big (and 20kg heavier) brother :'D And Greece definitely should have made it to the final! It was so much better than that French Austrian song... I was a bit disappointed with Iceland, it wasn't bad, but they're having usually better songs and in general better bands out there.

But it's gonna be a super strong competetion on Saturday, Russia was strong, and the guy from Hungary is hot, it's great he made it into the final round^^

2 years ago

I'm really happy about Russia and Hungary, although they weren't incredible in my opinion, they still did amazingly and I wanted them to qualify. I'm still sad about Estonia and Iceland, but ESPECIALLY about Greece losing their qualification streak! I couldn't sleep after that!

2 years ago
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