"Your boys speak English."

Translation:Wasi chłopcy mówią po angielsku.

May 11, 2016

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Can you say "chłorpki"?


Please see an important difference between the options that mihxal wrote. The less used form "chłopacy" is masculine personal, exactly as it should. The a lot more used form "chłopaki" is for some illogical, unknown reason not masculine-personal, and therefore uses not masculine-personal forms ("wasze chłopaki, chłopaki były, chłopaki przyszły). That is an important exception one has to remember.


No, but you can say "wasze chłopaki" or "wasi chłopacy".


"Twoi chłopaki mowią po angielsku." ?


That would seem logical, however, the word "chłopaki" is a very strange exception and despite any logic it's treated like a 'not masculine-personal plural' noun. So it's actually "twoje chłopaki". Don't ask me why, I don't know.

I don't think there are any other exceptions like this one, luckily.


washe and twoje would indicate yours.


"Wasi" clearly works and "wasze" would indicate they're girls, not boys.


I don't get the difference between "Wasi" and "Twoi".


First is 2nd person plural, the latter is 2nd person singular. So it depends on whom you are talking to.


In another question "Nasz mężczyzni .." was wrong, because mężczyzni is masculine personal plural (corresponding to Nasi). But here it seems like Wasi isn't connected to Chłopcy at all, but rather the person(s) I'm addressing? Can you clear this up?


I'm not sure what you're asking about... "chłopcy" are also 'masculine personal plural', so the right form can be "wasi". That form has to match, so it can't be e.g. "wasz chłopcy", that would be ungrammatical.

But (standard) English is a weird language which doesn't distinguish between singular and plural 'you', so there's also a question of what you actually mean when you say "your boys". If it's singular 'you' (Your boys, John), then it's "twoi chłopcy", and if it's plural 'you' (Your boys, John and Susan), then it's "wasi chłopcy".


"Twoje" not accepted, but there's no way of knowing it should be wasi from the English translation.


Yes, because it should be 'twoi'. Plural nouns ending in -cy are grammatically virile.

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