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  5. "O jantar especial é amanhã."

"O jantar especial é amanhã."

Translation:The special dinner is tomorrow.

January 25, 2013



Presented by itself, an American, such as myself, would always see/hear this as, "The dinner special is tomorrow." Duolingo has to take things like that into consideration when they present us with lone sentences like this.


unless, one were speaking of a restaurant dinner!


That's how I read it too.



Any kind of dinner which is not ordinary, everyday dinner.

Birthday dinner, for example, romantic dinner and many others.


But when learning a Latin based language you should remember that the adjective usually follows the the noun, unlike in English where it comes first... ie. The black cat - le chat noir (fr) - el gato negro (sp) - o gato preto (pt)


The pronunciation of 'jantar' almost sounds like 'juntar' to me here. I realise the 'an' can sound quite closed and nasal, but I've never heard the word pronounced like this. Can anyone tell me if it's normal or just a robot thing? :)


Their pronounces are very close, but not quite the same.

'jantar sounds something like "jung-tar" in English (but without the g from the ng consonant) and the 'ung' as in 'sung'

'juntar' sounds more like "joon-tar", whith 'oon' as in 'spoon'

I hope it helps.


How would 'dinner special' be written on a menu?


Directly translated this says "the dinner special is tomorrow" at restaurants its common for them to run dinner specials. Hence the confusion.


The special dinner will be tomorrow


Dinner is special tomorrow.

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