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  5. "How many oceans are there?"

"How many oceans are there?"

Translation:Có bao nhiêu đại dương?

May 11, 2016



I can never figure out where to put bao nhiêu. Sometimes it's at the end, sometimes at the beginning, sometimes in the middle. Gah.


... and why is 'mấy' not ok? There are - as far as I know - less than ten oceans on earth...


Có bao nhiêu đại dương kia...was incorrect, hmm I always confused about 'there' :(


Kia is a determiner.

(closer to further) Đây/Này = this/here Đó = that Kia = there Kía = there (further than kia)

Có is either "to have" or "there is/are" depending it's location in the sentence

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