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  5. "Bạn muốn ngồi không?"

"Bạn muốn ngồi không?"

Translation:Do you want to sit?

May 11, 2016



Is it really okay to just add "không?" at the end to make it a question?

I thought a question had to be either "Bạn có muốn ngồi không?" or "Bạn muốn ngồi, phải không?"


Not sure if this would help, but I think of them as "word pairs". So we've seen the "... có... không?" phrasing before. You can simply ask "Có không?" (Does it?) if the context of the question was already understood. The phrase "... muốn... không?" can be simplified to "Muốn khống?" (Want it? Want to?). Again, that only works if the context was understood. Hope that helps?


From what I remember, the "có" is optional.


Why is "you don't want to sit?" not correct?


The location of không is important. If it comes before the verb (muốn), then it's a negative. Here, it's just a question.


Is it me or does the speaker not say the i in ngồi. Sounds like just ngồ.

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