I need...

I need to practice my english with another persons. I want to talk about my career i'm biotechnologist

January 21, 2014

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oh greast, is so goog that you want practice your english, I need it too. My name is Aldry and I'm studying engineering

Hi! Where are you from? I´m from Mexico. What kind of engineering are you studying?

I'm from Colombia. I study electronic endineering ;)

oh, and what's the name of your school?

Hi Dana. Here's a correction for you: 'I need to practice my English with other people.'

Use 'another' to talk about one thing (eg another person) and use 'other' to talk about multiple things (eg other people). People is the (very irregular) plural of person. 'Persons' is used occasuanaly but generaly only in very formal contexts such as official statements.

I hope that's helpful.

I'm a biology student and would be interested to hear about your biotech job :)

Thank you, now I´m studying in 4th semester in IPN-UPIIG. where are you studying biology?

'I'm currently studying . . .' or 'At the moment I am studying . . .' would be better. I'm not sure exactly why, but using 'now' like that makes it sound like you've only just started studying there.

I'm studying with an organisation called the Open University. They do correspondence courses, ie they provide the study materials on line and by post I study them and sent back assignments. Exams are held in temporary exam centres across the UK, in places like churches.

I'm not very familiar with the American word ‘semester’. Do you have 2 semesters in a year? If so we're at about the same place in our studies.

Yeah. There are two semesters at the year. And how old are you? Where do you live?

No English problems this time :)

I know a bit about protein folding, which I imagine is a large part of it. It sounds fascinating. Tell me more!

Thank you! I'll tell you more when I investigate more about that.

'I'll tell you more once I've learnt more about that.' or ' I'll tell you more when I have investigated it more.'

OK :)

Why did you decide to study biotech? Have you always been interested in science?

I decided to study bitech because I love medicine, but I'm not good with people.

I can relate to that, I'm not very good with people either! I tend to miss social cues.

Could you help me with something? I sometimes try posting coments in Spanish on the forums here, but I know I get a lot of thinks wrong. I need a phrase I can put at the end of my posts. Something like this:

I'm a native English speaker and I am learning Spanish. Please correct my mistakes! Thank you.

Could you transalate that for me? I would do it myself, but I want to make sure it is understandable :P Thanks

Yes, i can help you with that, you cn put this: Soy hablante nato del Inglés y estoy aprendiendo español. Por favor, corrijan mis errores! Gracias. Or Mi idioma nativo es el ingles, pero estoy aprendiendo español. Espero contar con ustedes para que corrijan mis errores. Gracias I recommend you the second one, because is more formally

I recommend you use the second one, because it is more formal. Don't forget your pronouns!

Thanks Dana :) That's a big help.

Are you trying out the portuguese course?

Yes, I am. It is easier for me than german

...German... Always capitalise language names in English!

Can you understand some Portuguese already? I've heard that it's surposed to be quite simular to Spanish.

Yes, it is. But I think that is easier to learn it through English. About Portuguese, right now I can only say a little bit of things, like woman, man, child, and another things like that kind of stuff.

About Portuguese, right now I can only say a few things, like woman, man, child, and another similar things.

It might seem like I'm correcting a lot of things. However, I never have any trouble understanding you, you just phrase things oddly sometimes. I actually think you're doing really well :)

I've just noticed I wrote Portuguese without the capitalisation. Opps! Sorry.

No problem! I think my English its more like the US, I am very grateful with you correcting my mistakes

No problem! I think my English is more like US English, I am very grateful to you correcting my mistakes

Have you seen the Olympics opening ceremony? It's nearly time for it to start as I type this.

No, I don't have TV. Is it interesting?

It was rather spectacular - which was, I imagen, the aim. Putin was definatly using it as a chance to show off (=boast). You can probably find some of it on Youtube if you're interested.

How's biotech going?

I'll search something about that. And in biotech I'm doing it as well as I can.

I'll search something about that. In English we don't normally use 'search' as a verb when talking about the internet. Normally we'd say 'I'll do a search for that.' with 'search' as a noun. Alternatively, if you're using Google you can use 'google' as a verb.

I do a search = I google

you do a search = you google

s/he does a search = he googles

we do a search = we google

They do a search = they google

So, your original sentence could be: 'I'll do a search for that.' or 'I'll google for that.' By the way, how would you say your original sentence in Spanish?

'And in biotech I'm doing as well as I can.' (No 'it'.) or 'In biotech I'm doing my best'

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