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  5. "To jest długa ulica."

"To jest długa ulica."

Translation:It is a long street.

May 12, 2016



Will road not work here instead of street? I tried it and got it incorrect.


I think we usually translate 'road' as 'droga' and 'street' as 'ulica'. Ulica is definitely in the city/town/etc., has an address and people live nearby. 'Droga' is rather between the cities. I know Road can be used for both, but isn't it in most usages closer to Droga? You may probably report it, although it could give some users a wrong idea of what ulica is.


In the UK there are many other words for streets/roads, e.g. 'avenue' (a road lined by trees), 'lane' (often a minor road in the countryside), 'way', or 'highway'. 'Road' is simply any of the above with a surface suitable for motor vehicles.

Though 'roads' can be anywhere, 'streets' are practically exclusive to towns/cities. A notable exception is Watling Street, an ancient route of several hundred miles from Canterbury (England) via London to Wroxeter (near the Welsh border).

In London, two important shopping 'streets' are Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

Further, 'It is a long street' actually sounds very unnatural in UK English, whereas 'It is a long road' is a common expression.

So, all in all, there is no exact equivalence between the Polish and English words. In view of this, I recommend accepting 'road' as an alternative translation of 'ulica'.


While I don't love it, I guess we may accept "road" here. Added now.

[deactivated user]

    Whatever is wrong with "This is a long street"?


    Nothing, it should have been accepted.

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