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  5. "She likes this dress."

"She likes this dress."

Translation:Cô ấy thích cái đầm này.

May 12, 2016



This seems like BS...In this entire lesson, they havent had a "cai," not for ao, not for ao khoac, not for vey, and not even for dam, when it appeared earlier in the lesson, but now all of a sudden it is "wrong" without the classifier!!! What the heck?!?!??? So arbitrary. :-(


This. Super annoying...


I am a Vietnamese. Cô ấy thích chiếc váy này can't be wrong! Đầm and váy have the same meaning of dress. Đầm is used more frequently in the South, and váy is in the North. Please consider it, duolingo!


Yeah I'm Vietnamese and I'm quite certain that "cái váy" is the national way of saying "dress"


Cam on, Nguyen. :-)


What’s bộ for?


Could I also say: "Cô ấy thích đầm này." ?


No. As I understand it, to use a noun without a classifier means that you're speaking in general. Like, you could say "Cô ấy thích đầm" to mean "She likes dresses" in the general sense. Not one specific dress, just dresses in general.

But if you want to add the word "này" which means "this" then you're talking about THIS particular dress right here. And if you're talking about a specific noun, you need the classifier.




It literally states vay as possible translation for dress, but duolingo does not accept it

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