"Ik word vaak gebeld tijdens het avondeten."

Translation:I am often called during dinner.

May 12, 2016

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I am often phoned during supper?


Why is the form of "being" hier verboden? ... what's so wrong about saying " I am being called often during dinner." ? ...


When I read I am being called often during dinner, it sounds like you are eating dinner at this very moment, and the telephone keeps ringing.

When I read I am often called during dinner, I hear a general observation that, on any given night, when you are eating dinner the phone rings a lot.


I think it's just not idiomatic English ... the use of "often" seems to cancel out the need for "being".


why's "I often receive calls during dinner" wrong


That would be "Ik krijg vaak telefoontjes tijdens het avondeten" in Dutch. ;)

The difference is that in your sentence 'calls' is a noun, while in Duo's sentence, 'called' is a verb.

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