"Nie mogę kupować wszystkiego."

Translation:I cannot buy everything.

May 12, 2016

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How can I explain the difference between mogę and umiem?


Mogę = I may, I am allowed, I am able to (like, able to physically/mentally cope with something):

"Czy mogę iść do łazienki?" - May I go to the bathroom?

"Mogę jeździć na rowerze całymi dniami" - I can ride a bike for (whole) days.

Umiem = I can (I am able to, meaning I know how to do it)

"Franklin umiał już liczyć i sznurować buciki" - Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. (from the cartoon, the translation is real and not totally literal)

"Umiem jeździć na rowerze" - I can ride a bike. (I learned and learned and learned and now I know how to)


Thanks! So "umiem" is used in a similar way to "я умею" it would seem.


Да, точно ;)


What about "I am not able to buy everything" as a translation? Wouldn't that express the same idea?


It would, it works now. Just please note that the Polish sentence is general - as in my comment above.


Why not "Nie mogę kupić wszystkiego"?

In this context, is the person saying that he's not a millionaire and can't buy whatever he wants and when he wants (because kupować is imperfective)?


It could be (and it's an ex aequo best answer in the ENG->PL exercise), it was just the choice to use this one in the PL->ENG exercise.

"Nie mogę kupować wszystkiego" generally, like I cannot shop for such a huge amount of stuff every week, stop asking me to!

"Nie mogę kupić wszystkiego" right now, or at least on some one specific occasion.


how come "purchase" is wrong, I thought buy and purchase are similar meaning


It's a bit strange in this context, but I guess it's acceptable. Added.


Why is wszystkiego in the genitive? I would have thought it would be accusative since kupowac kogo/co?


Yes, but it's negated here. Or rather, "mogę" is negated, which affects the whole anyway.


That's crazy! But thanks for the reply.


Penny drops. Pronouns decline like adjectives. Thank you.


"Nie mogę", because the external circumtances (like my financial situation, or the lack of time) does not allow me to, and it would be "nie umiem" if I am unable to, because for example I do not have the required skills like "walking" to the shop?


Seems "I am not able" should be an acceptable answer but it marked me wrong.


It's an accepted answer, it should have worked.


Ugh! Not able correct unable incorrect


Actually, after your comment we realized that neither "not able" nor "unable" suit this sentence. It uses imperfective 'kupować', so it's not about for example not having enough money on your Saturday trip to the market, it's more like "I already bought you a fur, a new handbag and a necklace, that's enough! I'm not a human wallet!" - and therefore those two seem too weird.


"I may not buy everything" should be accepted but it is not.


why wszystkiego and not wszystko ?


Because of the negation, which turns accusative into genitive.

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