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"Hwyl Morgan"

Translation:Bye, Morgan

May 12, 2016



Hwyl does not mean bye. I'm a welsh speaker and have never used Hwyl as bye hwyl fawr as good bye yes but never hwyl. Hwyl is a feeling of joy or fun not a phrase.


I think Hwyl is short for Hwyl i chi/ti which means "fun to you"


I'm a welsh speaker grew up in Wales and a little rusty. My American fiancee decided to learn welsh and started taking this course and she kept on saying hwyl to me and I was confused. She said it means bye. Well Hwyl to me has always been fun or happiness it doesn't have a literal translation and is just a feeling of joy joy a phrase. Now Hwyl fawr is good bye but hwyl on its own isn't bye its Fun. Dropping a word in welsh doesn't make it the English counterpart. For example hwyl fawr is good bye. But if you break down the two words separate hwyl is fun and fawr is great not good good is da. So on their won they are two completely different words together they mean something different again. It's great to see welsh added and I understand that this is proud edited but to assume Hwyl is bye because hwyl fawr is good bye is wildly incorrect either that or the Welsh language has changed so dramatically in the 10 years since I've lived there. Now my welsh is rusty as hell but and I haven't lived in Wales for a long time but I don't know any welsh person that uses hwyl as a short hand of hwyl fawr as bye. Si using it in this context is confusing to welsh speakers and incorrect.


Well this course was written by native Welsh speakers, is it possible that Hwyl fawr is commonly abbreviated in current usage, in the same way as lots of abbreviations have entered the english language as a result of text messaging? Or could it be that this is one of the differences which exist in Welsh between the north and south of the country?


I read this and double-check with google and find none of the meanings is "goodbye".


" Hwyl" Cant understand. Is it with a hard H or something else. Thank you.


It's possible its a modern day abbreviation from hwyl fawr I'm not familiar with it myself. I don't reside in Wales anymore and speak it rarely so what I know from grwoni up there and going to a all welsh school may have modernised a little to hwyl instead of hwyl fawr


Ah - I translated Dewi to David and was marked wrong!

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Ok, that raises a point and there is an argument to accept translated names, but there are so many variants of Dewi, for example, that it would be a huge task entering them all. So we have no translated names in the course for ease of creating it.


Always reminds me of Merlin


hwyl really means have fun but as it is a leaving greeting it can be also translated as bye, cheerio, or have fun


Can somebody tell me, that what means Morgan... :/ (sarcasm)


It's a very good name, and I'm not biased at all ...



Why are farewells so much fun to say in other languages?


They said my 'see you later' was wrong and corrected to 'see you', which, literally is both meaningless and an abbreviation of 'see you later'. In Northern England we'd always say 'see you later'.


I haven't spoken Welsh for over 70 years but I remember the phrase"Sut hwyl?" as meaning "How's Life?" or In Spanish "Que Tal!"


Hwyl sounds like "Quill" to me.


Why do we need names in the lesons??

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