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Community Compliments

Hello, everyone!

I know that we're all pretty busy with our languages here on Duolingo, but I was hoping that we could take some time to compliment other members of the Duolingo community.

Luis and Severin - For creating Duolingo!

Tony - For being a software engineer!

Naut - Amazing design!

TylrMurphy - Nice apps!

Bren - For the stuff that people reap the benefits of, but is done in the background!

KristineMC - For being extremely attentive and listening to all of our complaining. :-)

UsagiBoy7 - For watching the forums like a hawk and being an all-around nice person.

ZiggKogg - First, level 25! Second, prolific commentator.

Olimo - A new mother and a great moderator!

Sitesurf - French help!

All Course Contributors - For making Duolingo a success.

Who do you want to compliment?

4 years ago



I would like to compliment all of the Duolingo staff, and all the moderators for: Making this website and being helpful. I may not understand all of it, but I figure it out, and in the end, it's really helpful. Thank you Luis Von Ahn, for creating this wonderful website!

4 years ago

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Several people I want to thank are already listed above so I'll just list a couple of folks who haven't been listed above.

Lenkvist for bringing me back to my roots (and influencing my Guide to Being a Moderator)

Everyone who worked on material for the Guide to Duolingo Guides series
(Plug! http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1278938).

revdolphin because you've had a big impact on me with your giant brain, and even bigger heart.

Dessamator!!! Always keeping us on our toes (and sometimes even insulting us rather cleverly and always with a lesson attached) (yes, I noticed :P LOL)

Everyone on my follow list, these folks form the essential components of my experience and activity on Duolingo.

Baris_Obdan for knowing how a lot of this works (Hey, I have to get my info somewhere, right? This person is spot on and sharp as a tac xD)

Marssy in Support (And the rest of the Support team, I'm bad with names I'm so sorry! But I can't even imagine how busy you must be, such a vital component!)

bchan in Troubleshooting (and that whole team as well, again names!!)

The artists who worked on the icons, the cool little meter beside the skills, and the absolutely beautiful background!

Whoever changed the color of that one link in Immersion from gray to blue, you have no idea how tickled I was to sign in and see that :D

(These things make me nervous because I am always forgetting like 20 people)

4 years ago


Everyone and an extra thanks to the web design team for the upgrade :)

4 years ago

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Hmmm...that's an oddly difficult question. On a very general level, I'd like to send huge kudos flying about all over the place. My problem is that I haven't been active long enough to get a solid sense of who's who...but I'll give it a go!

First, Luis...and whoever else parented the brainchild that has become Duolingo. I don't have a clear idea of who else was involved, but I have the impression that Duo has multiple parents. You all deserve a huge helping of respect and thanks from all of us, and I hope you know that. It's folks like you who make the world a better and more inclusive place, one idea at a time.

Second, I'd like to drop virtual flowers all over the folks who spend time in the forums encouraging us and answering questions and dealing with concerns for those of us who know less. Certainly KristineMC and Usagiboy7 fit into that category, but there are plenty of others whose names I've also become familiar with while wandering through the comments. If you are one of these patient, kind souls, you have my gratitude. It's folks like you that take Duolingo beyond being an amazing language learning tool and make it into a true community of learners. Please consider yourself to be buried in the virtual flower of your choice...hmmm...or if you're not into flowers, well, just imagine yourself buried in whatever it is that turns your crank. It's virtual, after all, so let your imagination run wild... ;-)

That doesn't nearly cover it, but I really don't know who else to thank. I know from experience that something like Duolingo doesn't happen (can't happen) without a great deal of "behind the scenes" long hours of work and dedication (not necessarily sitting in front of a computer...). I haven't been paying attention long enough to know if this already happens, but I hope someday to have the opportunity to get to know some of those unsung heroes without whom none of this would be possible. If any of you are familiar with any of them, please ensure that they know that their efforts are appreciated...even if we don't know who they are...

Lastly...and I've left them for last because...well...I suspect that they sometimes get forgotten, and I wanted to leave them topmost in your minds. I want to thank anyone who provides support to any of the Duolingo heroes that I've just mentioned, including spouses, parents, children and friends. Please remind them that they are appreciated too, and that we truly value the time and effort that their loved ones give to us.

4 years ago


In addition to their general brilliance, I would like to compliment the staff for their ideals and their sincere intent. Some of the very intelligent users of Duolingo can come off as arrogant or dismissive, but I have never gotten that feeling from the staff. Whatever the outcome of this most recent series of changes, I don't question the integrity of the people behind it.

I would also like to thank all the unsung people who patrol the sentence discussions and provide very clear answers to questions. You people are tremendous.

4 years ago


Many thanks to all staff and moderators for making such an awesome site. I have learnt more here(well retained more) in a couple of months than with lessons for many months with a teacher that i had to pay for!! I would like to say a GIANT "THANK YOU" to site surf for all the French help. Site surf always has a very useful and informative explanation, and never seems to lose patience even when questions have been asked many times before. Giving up many hours of his/her own time to help us learn is very selfless -thanks. oh.... and Northernguy is pretty awesome too - thank you :-)

4 years ago