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"Pigen har en gris som kæledyr."

Translation:The girl has got a pig as a pet.

May 12, 2016



Why has got?? Why not "the girl has a pig as pet"??


Duolingo says to me that my answer, "the girl has a pig as pet," is wrong. According to Duolingo it should be: "The girl has a pig as 1 pet." But personnaly i don't think that my answer is wrong...

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Google the two versions: "has a pig as pet" vs. "has a pig as a pet". The first one gets a single hit, the second one over 100,000. That's a good argument to use "a pet" as the correct English translation (that doesn't have to be literally 1 or "one").


Got is unnecessary and really bad GRAMMER IN English


Why "has got"???? Where is that in the Danish sentence???


Lucky girl. Jeg har en gris som kæreste


regarding the "got": When I started to learn (British) English at school 35 years ago, we had school books that were then 10 years old or even older (i.e. from the 70s). We learnt to express possession of something as "I've got a book." , "I've got a pencil." and so on. Later on, when I talke to native speakers I learnt that hardly anyone uses this. But I always assumed that it use to be standard at one point - at least in the UK. Also, we learnt the use of "whom" as a relative pronoun (which is easy to understand for a German, by the way). But again, nowadays, nobody hardly ever uses this.


How about: "The girl has a pet pig"? To me that is the most natural English. How would a Dane translate that English sentence?


Pigen har en kælegris. This sort of construction is less common because we like to use the word kæledyr.


Pigens navn er Mabel Pines og grisens navn er Waddles :D

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where did the "1" come from. Either "a pet pig" or "1 pet pig" works, but "a pig as 1 pet" makes not sense. It translates "en" twice.


Unless she just "got" it as a present, this is poor English...and would be "has gotten" or just "she got a pig as a pet"


Can't you just say "kæledyrgris" for "pet pig"?


Why is "The girl has a pig as pet." wrong?

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